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Weekend Shorts

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, November 13, 2005, at 02:46PM

A few quick things from the past days...

  • This weekend the WTA Tour Championships were at Staples Center. In my building, and I assume most others, there was a sheet posted offering mid-week tickets to Downtown residents for $10 (from a regular price of $48). I think that was a great gesture on the part of AEG in engaging the community.

  • There's a sign posted on the door of the not-yet-opened Qdoba advertising Free WiFI. Very cool.

  • In the window of the Cigar shop on 7th (by Flower) there's a calendar displaying a "Miss November". Very artsy pose and a black and white shot, but definitely some exposed breasts. Not sure if that's legal or not. It caught my eye, though, so I guess it's working.


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