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Under the Watchful Eye

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, December 05, 2005, at 04:46PM

If you've paid attention to the Downtown News, you probably know that over the past month or two there have been cameras installed on Main Street. The feeds go to LAPD, who in theory has someone sitting in a room monitoring a bunch of screens.

Last night I went from my apartment on Spring over to the Rite-Aid at Santee Court (what's up with closing at 6pm on Sunday? I barely made it), got some Subway next door, and then headed back. Standing at the corner of Main and 7th waiting for the light I couldn't help but overhear that the cameras were a topic of conversation for the guys loitering outside the food place right there. I got the distinct feeling they were less comfortable with the new watching eyes. I enjoyed that.

But at the same time they were still there, so I don't know whether or not this is evidence of how the cameras are working to push out the unsavory elements.

On a related note, though, I highly recommend the Skid Row Neighborhood Walk this Wednesday. It departs at 6pm from the Midnight Mission. More details after the jump...

From an email to the newdowntown list... For more information contact Tara Devine at

CCEA is working closely with Councilmember Jan Perry, Skid Row residents, LAPD, state and county legislators, service providers and a multitude of other stakeholders to affect positive policy changes for our community. Our monthly walks have successfully garnered the attention of federal, state, county and city legislators who are all working on various solutions for the inhumane conditions that exist in Skid Row.

First and foremost is our call for public safety - all people who live Downtown, and especially Skid Row residents, deserve a crime-free, drug-free and empowered community to call their own.

Please join us in our 6th monthly Skid Row Neighborhood Walk. We walk on the first Weds. of every month at 6 pm.

Regardless of where you work or live in Downtown, please come and make a difference. We need you to stand strong with us as we call for an improved quality of life in Skid Row.

When and Where:

Wednesday, December 7th. 6 PM.
The walk begins and ends at the courtyard of the new Midnight Mission at 601 S. San Pedro St. The courtyard entrance faces 6th St. We assemble at 6 and depart at approximately 6:15.


Secure parking is available in the Midnight Mission's underground parking structure. The entrance is on San Pedro St. just south of 6th St. Please tell the parking attendant that you are there for the Neighborhood Walk. The walk will cover approximately 10 blocks. Comfortable shoes are strongly recommended.

At this time of year, it will be dark when we walk, so flashlights and reflective jackets will be provided, courtesy of the City. Several LAPD officers from Central Division as well as our BID security officers will accompany us on our walk. TV and/or print media may accompany us on our walks.


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