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Land of the Eternal Sun

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, December 12, 2005, at 05:44PM
Lights Shining Up on Me Eric Richardson [Flickr]

For the third night in a row there's a light shining in my bedroom window, and I have Hollywood to thank for it. Some production is shooting at the Palace Theater, in the upper floor office space.

Apparently it's supposed to be day time in their interior shots, because they've spent the last few nights blasting light onto surrounding buildings. One of those buildings just happens to be the one in which I sleep. Two nights ago they finished up around 9pm, so no problem. Last night, though, those bright lights in my window were shining until at least 2am.

I seem to recall this not being the first time exterior lighting of residential buildings has been a problem. Last year there was a big fuss in the Old Bank buildings when Cat Woman was having her way with people's apartments.

When they set the lights back up tonight, I decided to do some investigating and put in a call to the EIDC. That was at 5pm. They said they'd call back by 6 with the permit information. It's 5:45 and I haven't heard anything, but I'd like to think they're still calling.

Update (6:10pm) Still no phone call.

Update (Tuesday) I called back and they didn't even have me in the call log. That's nice of them. They're filming with the same lights again tonight, and went until at least 11:30pm last night.


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