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The Sky's Very Low This New Year's Eve

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, December 31, 2005, at 11:41AM
Foggy New Year's Eve Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Tonight is New Year's Eve, and that means that again Giant Village will be Downtown. On my way back into town last night I drove by stages being set up on the various blocks off Wilshire. D4 and I bought tickets, so if you wanted to know where to find me tonight it'll be just on the other side of the One Wilshire building.

As of right now, though, the weather doesn't look like it's going to be especially pleasant. Different weather sites can't seem to come to a consensus on how long today's rain might stick around, but it seems likely that it'll be a factor until 10 or 11pm. The indoor lounges may get some heavy traffic earlier in the evening.

Update (8:30pm): Or they cancelled the whole thing. Crazy. I find that a bit surprising since the weather has been dry since 5 or 6'ish. I'd hate to know what they spent on setup, planning, and artists. I'm sure there's insurance for that sort of thing, but still: yikes. The refund process will be an interesting one.

So it's 8:30 and I'm working on new plans for the evening. Cirko Six at the Los Angeles Theatre is interesting looking, but sort of an unknown for $70. I haven't heard much noise over there.

Update (2am): If you're curious, I ended up following a former roommate and heading over to the Echo, on Sunset. A little farther than I would have prefered to go, but seeing as I wasn't drinking it wasn't too big of a deal to get in a car. It was a decent time, but nothing particularly spectacular.


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