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Word Quiz

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, January 07, 2006, at 05:40PM
Shots from a Bike Ride Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I consider myself to have a fairly strong vocabulary. I'm not going to go out and win at the Spellympics, but I hold my own. The text on this part of the Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial gave me a word that threw me, though.

Do you know what "privation" means? You can't quite read the text in the photo, but the full text reads:

To the brave men and women who with trust in God faced privation and death in extending the frontiers of our country to include this land of promise

My favorite definition comes from 1913 Webster:

  1. The act of depriving, or taking away; hence, the depriving of rank or office; degradation in rank; deprivation.

  2. The state of being deprived or destitute of something, especially of something required or desired; destitution; need; as, to undergo severe privations.

You learn something new every day.


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