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No More Cherry 7-Up?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, January 08, 2006, at 02:35PM
No More Cherry 7-Up Eric Richardson [Flickr]

One of the odder relics of Downtown is the Cherry 7-Up ad that for twenty years or so has stood over the Cameo Theatre on Broadway. Michael over at Franklin Ave summed up its odd draw back in November:

Strange as it sounds, I've been semi-obsessed with this billboard, as a symbol of downtown's long neglect. An outdoor agency erected this Cherry 7-up ad 20 years ago -- and then no one ever bothered to replace it.

At the moment, though, that neglect has vanished. In its place is an ad for the Ashes and Snow exhibition at the Nomadic Museum currently sitting on the Santa Monica beach. The new ad appears to be just stretched over the old sign, so perhaps the Cherry will once again return after the exhibition ends its run. For now, though, the new ad gives a nice night-time touch to that stretch of Broadway.


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