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Lawyers Set to Fight Jaywalking Tickets

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, January 12, 2006, at 07:43AM

I have to laugh a little at this Daily News piece about lawyers being given jaywalking tickets over by the Courthouse. It seems the "County Police" (the County's version of the General Services Police?) have been citing quite a bit lately, and the lawyers feel they're being unreasonably targeted. I can't speak for over by the courthouse, but it's more than just lawyers getting jaywalking tickets Downtown. I wrote about seeing tickets being handed out on Broadway back in April, and just yesterday I saw one written while walking to work.

The article mentions that the jaywalking tickets cost $114 each. That's life in California these days. In the County bail schedule the fine is only $25, but as I found out a couple months ago, the penalties add up to a heck of a lot more than the fine. (Article spotted at LA Observed.


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