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It Would Be Full of Spirits

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, January 16, 2006, at 10:23PM
Marvelous Engrish Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Since she's about to start teaching, Kathy needed to find a bag for carrying papers. I suggested the Fashion District, and today we spent a few hours wandering between stores this morning. She ended up finding something that'll do the job quite nicely for $8.

I understand that in the Fashion District you're going to find a lot of stuff fresh off the boat, and some of the English isn't going to make much sense. But this label amazed me. It just kept going. The picture's not the best, so let me transcribe for you:

There stands one subject, which is indispensible for carrying things despite its small height. And what's more, it is necessary means when it comes to knitting or mending things. At last, it would be full of spirits when its ownner is economical.



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