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Streetside CD Sales

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, January 19, 2006, at 01:24PM
Selling CDs Eric Richardson [Flickr]

In the weeks leading up to Christmas several times I saw this guy sitting in the passenger seat of his black Ford Explorer with the stereo playing, selling Christmas cds. Always in the same place: out in front of Macy's Plaza, toward the Hope Street side. Today he's back, but this time selling some non-seasonal tunes.

Each time I've seen this guy, I've wondered several things. Do the CDs sell? Is this music he's made, or is he just blatently selling bootlegs? How does he manage to get (basically) the same parking spot each time? How do the meter people not notice him? Does he only sell the lunch crowd, or does he hang around for most of the day?

If I lean far enough over my desk I can actually see the guy from my window, 18 floors below me. I'd like to think I'd remember to peer down every half hour or so and see when he takes off, but I won't.


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