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Fun on Spring Street

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, January 24, 2006, at 11:15AM

Riding the 84 this morning I saw where a DASH bus and a pickup truck got into a scrape at the corner of 4th and Spring. The right front corner of the bus had a nice looking ding in it, but the pickup got the worst of the deal with a bent in left-front tire. I wasn't in position to judge exactly what had happened or who was at fault, but I do know that those bus drivers aren't exactly timid when it comes to asserting their right to cut in front of you. I suspect the truck failed to pay the proper respect.

So of course that accident backed up southbound traffic a bit on Spring. To make matters oh so much better, though, a Sherriff's car stopped a Lexus travelling north in the bus lane and buses were forced to make a pass in the southbound traffic lane. I definitely look forward to seeing that contraflow lane go away (which last I heard should happen in May or June).


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