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A Weekend Question about Photos

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, January 28, 2006, at 01:04PM

It's the weekend, so I think this is a good time to ask a question about the site. What do you think about those images over in the left sidebar? I mean, I hope for all of you the answer is that you like them, but more specifically... How do you think their presentation could be different to improve your interaction with them? Do you look over there for interesting shots and click through to the full image for ones you like? Did you even know you could do that? More thoughts if you click 'Read More'...

This sounds a little funny to say, but I like visiting this site. Yes, it's my site, and yes, I'm the one doing the writing. But yet I'm here many times a day with no intention of writing a post. A lot of times I'm looking to make sure there isn't comment spam to delete, but I'm also here to check out what shots are showing up in the sidebar. I love seeing other people's views of Downtown.

If you haven't been around any of the other times I've mentioned this, the photos in the sidebar are from the blogdowntown group on flickr. Currently there are about twenty people adding their Downtown-related shots into the pool, and a random ten recent shots are selected to show up to the left there. If you're taking shots of Downtown you should start posting them to flickr and join the group. It's the thing to do.

But I wonder sometimes if there's some way to better present the cool shots people are taking. I don't really know what that would be, so that's why I'm turning to you people. What crazy ideas do you have? Don't worry about how you'd implement them. Just think about how you'd like to see these photos? Would you want the random 10 in a dashboard widget? Would you want bigger versions on a page of their own (in addition to the sidebar)?

Just wondering...


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