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Qantas Crews Still Not Fans of Downtown

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, January 31, 2006, at 08:23AM

The crazy story of Qantas crews who say they're in danger venturing outside in Downtown continues. If you don't remember, back in May Qantas moved its crew hotel from Pasadena to the Bonaventure. The crews complained, and said that homeless people were stealing food off their trays at fast food places.

Of course then in June three Qantas employees were sent home after getting in a fight in their hotel room over a spilt drink.

The crews filed a labor dispute down under, and now the news is they have to wait four months before getting any sort of answer. Some of the accusations in this story still baffle me.

[The Flight Attendants Association of Australia] told the AIRC the area was "rampant with drug dealers and intimidating locals" and some cabin crew had been physically assaulted, had experienced threats of assault, witnessed drug dealing and taking, and been subject to harassment and intimidation.

In one incident, a female flight attendant recounted how she was "absolutely terrified" after being victimised on a bus with sexually explicit threats including: "I'm going to give you venereal disease".

They come from a country that's proud of its penal colony heritage, apparently let homeless people snatch food like overgrown pigeons and somehow manage to get sexual threats on a bus. What buses are they taking? At what time of the day? That "intimidating locals" bit makes us sound like they're trying to come surf our favorite cove.


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