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The Filming Mesh

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, February 02, 2006, at 12:43PM

Jan Perry wants DWP to report on the idea of a network of "infrastructural nodes" scattered Downtown for filming uses. The text of the motion, which was seconded by Eric Garcetti, hasn't made it online yet, but when it does you'll find it here on the City Clerk's site. So here's all I know right now:

(Perry - Garcetti) requesting the Department of Water and Power to report within 60 days on the feasibility of developing a network of "infrastructural nodes" throughout the downtown to provide access to water and power for filming; etc.

And based on just that, I like it. Just the simple step of getting rid of most of the generators these productions have to drag into Downtown all the time would be a great step forward. There's nothing quite like having the scent of diesel fumes wafting up into your apartment.

That said, it was almost just as tough when craft services set up a barbeque underneath our window. That was bad in a different kind of way, though. I considered my options for something to shoot down and reel in food, but didn't have the needed items handy.


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