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Tattered Redevelopment

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, February 21, 2006, at 10:34PM
DSC00800.JPG Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I missed the semi-natural tie-in of President's Day on this one, but you're going to have to excuse me for that since I was off getting engaged.

This tattered US flag hangs prominently on a condo project under conversion just up the street from my apartment. It really is a disgrace that the developer cares so little about the flag or the image of his building that he allows it to sit there and basically rot. And it's not like it's in a tough to reach location or something like that -- they hung this sign next to it just days ago.

Some people really care about their projects and pore over them, and some people I think just don't. It doesn't particularly surprise me that this developer has made few friends of his tenants.


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