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Cornfield to Get a Design Competition

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, March 08, 2006, at 12:02AM

California State Parks issued a press release yesterday announcing a competition to design the Cornfield park. It looks like the Annenberg Foundation has put up money for a proper design process, and initial submissions are due pretty quickly (received by April 17th). The listed goal is suitably amorphous.

California State Parks views this project as an opportunity to create a new model for a State Park in an urban area and seeks an innovative design that will yield fresh and creative concepts. The Conceptual Park Design should promote meaningful visitor experiences that not only educate but encourage active participation in Los Angeles' diverse cultural history. Integration of the site's historical stories, associations and resources into facilities and spaces for public programs, civic dialogue, recreation, and personal rejuvenation should be evident in the design. The park should both intrigue and inspire visitors through a fusion of urban design, art, architecture, and landscape.

The process looks to be designed to weigh stakeholder input pretty heavily. The requirements in the bid package look well put together. They want the competition to select a design team done by summer, with final design done by summer 2007.


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