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Buildings that Aren't Buildings

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, March 14, 2006, at 01:35PM
Parking in Disguise Eric Richardson [Flickr]

It's a little disconcerting when what you think is a building actually turns out to be a parking garage. This structure, the AON Center Garage, looks from the street like any of the other buildings around it. On the ground floor are a few retail spaces, and you might well be fooled into thinking there are offices behind the glass on the upper floors. But no, it's all parking.

We were in the conference room at work the other day when Mark noticed a car parked on the roof (which you can see in this Live Local photo). That seemed odd, and seemed even more odd the more I thought about it. As a garage, though, it makes perfect sense.

While I'm not a huge fan of the architectural period the garage is from, this sort of hidden parking is a nice touch.


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