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Taking off the Roof

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, March 16, 2006, at 03:15PM
Roosevelt Lofts Roof Work Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The ongoing renovation work at the Roosevelt Lofts is providing me with a lot of material these days. First I discovered it was right below me, then it had a small fire.

Now workers are tearing away the roof of a structure that sits on top of the building. If I had to guess I'd say this was the housing for the elevator machinery, and that they're going to build onto it to allow elevator access to the roof itself. They've also been tearing out air conditioning equipment, likely hoping to open up space for fun rooftop uses.

If you look at a larger view you can also see that they're tearing out a portion of the external wall (not the front face... in the back finger portion). While the external face of the building is great, these hidden walls are pretty plain and it'll be fun to see what Killefer Flammang has in store for them.


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