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Roosevelt Chronicles: One Big Crane

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, March 18, 2006, at 03:30PM
Huge Crane at Roosevelt Lofts Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Today's Roosevelt Lofts update involves the biggest crane I've ever seen on the back of a truck. My office is on the 19th floor of the MCI Building, and as you can see from the photo this thing's taller than that. I have no clue how the operator can actually see what he's doing when he reaches into the building. Each time I think he's going to bang into the top of the wall, but he never does. I suspect he's done this before.

They're using the hole cut in the equipment room roof on Thursday to lift out large chunks of metal. I'm not sure if they're bits of elevator equipment or old water pumps, but I can say that they're large and heavy-looking.

A couple other views: the base of the crane; looking down; and a street shot.


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