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Spiderman Still Making His Downtown Rounds

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, March 22, 2006, at 09:15AM
Spiderman's Coming Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Spiderman 3 filming has been making the rounds of Downtown, shooting at the Alexandria way back in November and then in the Old Bank District last month. Now they're coming to the ever-filmed alley between Spring and Broadway, 6th and 7th. In fact it would appear they've got people on the roof of the Palace right now.

Back in December the location manager I talked to about lights shining in my window had warned me the Spiderman people were snooping around, so I guess it shouldn't be a big surprise.

I'm sort of intrigued by the fireball part.

Updated: In the body I'm going to attach updates while setup and shooting are going on. Click through for some more pictures.

Not that if you've visited the post before you may have to click reload to get the newest version.

Last updated: Friday, 1pm

Friday, 9:45am

Since this post's getting a bunch of traffic from Spiderman fans, I'll keep posting updates here. First up, a shot this morning of a lighting rig being assembled on the roof across from the apartment:

Beginning Setup

They've taken over three parking lots for the big equipment. The filming notice said they would be on the north end of the alley (which will be to the right in my pictures), but they have wiring run up the garage across 7th Street on the south end so I figure there must be some sort of a moving shot heading down that direction.

Friday, 5pm

Two new shots:

Rigging Crane Suspended Rig

First shot shows a crane setting up rigging for the suspended device in the center of the second shot. I'm not sure what the thing in the second shot is. It doesn't seem like a camera rig. It actually got me wondering... Do they run something through the shots that they CGI spiderman into for tracking? Maybe I'm way off on that, though.

Monday, 10am

Nothing new over the weekend. Spiderman took a back seat to huge protests. I did take some shots of another non-Spiderman shoot on 7th Street. Crews were back in the alley this morning, so I would suspect there will be more interesting things to see this evening and in the morning. Then shooting occurs tomorrow and Wednesday.

Monday, 10:30pm

Lots of stuff happening in the alley tonight. I'm just sitting down to watch TV when all of a sudden a suspended camera appears right outside the window.

Spiderman III Filming

The next part's even better, though.

Spiderman III Filming

Yep, a suspended dummy. He zipped up and down the alley a few times and then just sort of parked. They are calling action and cut, but I don't know that the dummy's actually for film. I think they may just be testing shots before running the real thing (whatever the real thing is). They're running a variety of speeds, probably to see how they look on camera.

Even after it's been by a few times, it's really weird to see a dummy run by about six feet outside your window.

Tuesday, 9:30am

Spiderman III Filming

The dummy makes a daytime appearance (I think he hung out all night). But more important to this shot is the huge blob light on the left side. It floats.

Friday, 1pm

Not a lot of note over the last few days. I never did see a fireball.

Last night the filming involved a scene with a guy in a black (from my vantage point) body suit laid out in the alley and someone who appeared to be more in a business suit dropping off a building (more of a leap and land on your feet) next to him.

Spiderman Filming

You can see the guy laid out in this (crappy quality) shot.

Spiderman Filming

This one's a little earlier. It's the same shot, but with the mat they used during rehearsal shots.


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