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Photo Recaps from Monday's Protest; I Want the Triforium Relit

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, April 12, 2006, at 12:24PM

Cool pictures of Monday's protest from beFrank , eecue (also at and Don Garza. I was headed up to the valley, so I don't have anything to add personally.

beFrank also posted a photo of eecue and himself. I know that ever since I started reading his blog I've paid a little more attention when I saw the KCAL/CBS2 sat trucks show up.

The photo included here is from eecue and shows the crowd around the Triforium. Built in 1975, the Triforium was the source of much controversy in both the public and the art community. I think it's cool, though, and I would love to see it lit back up and playing music every once in a while.


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