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General Services Files LATC Update

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, April 14, 2006, at 03:54PM

Back in December City Council asked the General Services Department to keep it up to date on what was happening at the LA Theatre Center. A few days ago GSD turned in their first quarterly report (PDF). It notes that Latino Theatre Company has paid the first of three installments for the $750,000 they're to put up with the City as deposit (it was due on April 4th and received on April 5th, but the City's never seemed too strict about that sort of thing).

The report notes the controversy between LTC and Will & Co thusly:

  • There has been a dispute between Will and Company and the LTC regarding Will and Company's presence in the building. We do not know the current status of this dispute. LTC is responsible for dealing with all third parties using the property, past and present, including Will and Company. Under the lease, LTC has the right to decide which third parties, including theater companies will remain in the building and on what terms.

  • There is an issue between the City and Will and Company relative to ownership of certain personal property in the building, which we are working to resolve.

The included construction schedule shows the theatres dark between December 13, 2006, and May 7, 2007. It also notes, though, that the timetable is already a few weeks off.

You can follow the trail back to past LATC coverage here by starting with As the LATC Turns from March.


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