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"Dozens" of Apartment Dwellers Watch Protest March

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, April 15, 2006, at 03:45PM

I crossed Broadway this morning as the march was several blocks to the south, but didn't go out to watch the festivities. Dave took some shots, though. I do enjoy the early AP wire story. It's short, so I'll post the full thing here in case they change it in the updates:

LOS ANGELES At least 800 people marched in downtown Los Angeles today, demanding reforms to let illegal immigrants stay in the country. Marchers waved Mexican and American flags. Some held signs with slogans saying: "Our parents are not terrorists."

The demonstrators marched through a heavily immigrant area, as dozens of people watched from apartment building windows.

The rally was dedicated to the memory of a 14-year-old student, who committed suicide on the day of a similar protest last month. He was apparently upset after meeting with school officials who questioned his absence for the rally.

The march went down Broadway from Olympic to City Hall. I'll guess the Broadway shopping is what makes this a "heavily immigrant area." I love, though, that the writer mentions "dozens" of people watching from apartment windows. So potentially that's 24 people. Yippee.


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