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Rite-Aid Moving Corners?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, April 26, 2006, at 12:34PM
Jewelry Trades Building Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Several weeks ago I noticed a Public Notice sign on one of the closed storefronts in the Jewelry Trades Building on the southeast corner of 5th and Broadway. I thought I saw that it said Rite-Aid on it, but I figured that couldn't be right -- the Rite-Aid's across the street.

Last night, though, I made a special trip over there and can confirm that the notice is a liquor license transfer for the Rite-Aid, moving the permit to 500 S. Broadway. The applicant name is Thrifty PayLess, the chain Rite-Aid bought in 1997.

So it would seem to me that the Rite-Aid is changing buildings. I'm all for it; the present location is ugly both inside and out. Hopefully Rite-Aid moving out will lead to a total rehab of that bit of retail.

The Thrifty PayLess bit is one I didn't know before. Thrifty Drug Stores were headquartered in Downtown, so perhaps that explains why there are three Rite-Aids within six blocks or so of the Historic Core.

Update (2:20pm): I walked over at lunch to take a picture for this post and noticed that the sidewalk in front of the Jewelry Trades Building had one of the little glass tiles missing. Through the hole you could see down about 25 feet into the basement.


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