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Winning the Real Estate War

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, April 28, 2006, at 05:06PM

Yesterday Don Garza linked to a fascinating read on Skid Row. The paper, written by Bernard Harcourt of the University of Chicago Law School, looks at a variety of issues, but what Don picks out is one of the sections quoting Alice Callaghan:

So when we tried to buy the Rosslyn a couple of years ago, we could not buy it because we were competing with a group from Chicago and some other groups. That's one of the big one's at the corner of 5th and Main.

And my theory is, if we can get the Rosslyn, we win. Because who wants to buy the huge one across the street if we fill the one at the corner with ten floors of mentally ill, the poor, and the Row. So it is still my number one project to get the Rosslyn. Cause it's the one way I know of winning (page 53).

Don writes:

I applaude Alice Callahan for saving the SRO Hotels in Central City East , but to use mentally ill people as pawns? Who in their right mind would put their most mentally ill people in a 10 story hotel? I remember when people were being thrown out of the rossylyn and the Frontier and jumping from them too. It is almost as if the whole point is to exacerbate the chaos throughout Downtown and she can secure the property downtown for services. I mean just put them in there. Sounds good. BUt it only sounds good.

It is a fascinating read (though I confess I've only skimmed it), and I'm glad Don pointed it out.


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