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Court Delays Mean More Old State Building?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, May 02, 2006, at 03:54PM
Old State Building Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The LA Business Journal has an article running this week that says there could be more delays for the new Federal Courthouse. Apparently bidding was cancelled last month after the competition dropped to just one bidder.

This is bad news for Downtown because it means the eyesore that is the Old State Building could end up standing even longer. This is the building at 1st & Broadway that was called "spartan" and "severely plain" when it opened in 1960.

I maintain that the Old State Building in its current condition as a boarded up junker is Downtown's ugliest building. I don't have a stake in the court issue, but the sooner we can get that project moving and the old eyesore down the better.

Update (Wed 9am): Changed out the photo for a daytime shot. Originally I had this one up:

Old State Building


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