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Spring Street Contraflow Stop Date Set

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, May 04, 2006, at 02:46PM
Typical Signage Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Those of you in the Historic Core take note, the Spring St. contraflow lane will be going away on June 25th (though service will actually change a week earlier). If you've followed the blog for a while, you'll know this is an issue I've followed closely. If you haven't, here's some catch-up reading material.

Today I got a chance to meet again with DOT about the project, and I think it's really going to work out nicely. Spring St. will get a nice jump in on-street parking between 3rd and 9th Street as spaces are added to the east side (where the contraflow lane is now). The exact number and placement of spaces isn't set yet, but that'll be coming soon.

I also expressed a desire to see overnight parking, removing the current (pictured) "No Parking 2am - 5am nightly" signs. DOT agreed that the signs were likely not needed any more, so I think we'll see that change when they replace the existing signage.

The shocker from today's meeting: MTA is choosing to move most of its northbound bus service from Spring to Hill instead of following the bus lane to Main St. I think that's a bad move on MTA's part as far as traffic is concerned, but I'm sure the residents of Main won't mind getting the extra transit lighting and only having to put up with the extra sounds of the DASH D route.

Background Reading

Like I said, I've been following it closely...


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