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A Little Evening Fire to Keep Things Interesting

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, May 05, 2006, at 10:07AM
Fire Trucks at Premiere Towers Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I took a trip to REI last night, so I was still on the train when my cousin called me from the apartment around 10pm. Right away I heard a sound in the background.

"Is the fire alarm going off?"

"Is that what that is?"

Granted, Premiere Towers' fire alarm does do a great impression of a submarine preparing to dive and it woke him up so he can be excused for not quite being sure what was going on.

Turns out it was a real fire. Someone left something on the burner and (I believe) started a small oil fire. LAFD was just leaving when I got back around 10:45.

This did make me realize that I need to be doing off-site backups for my web content. I think if I ever lost all this I'd just walk away; it would be too hard to start over.


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