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Quick Bits

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, May 15, 2006, at 10:37AM
Voting in the Fashion  District Eric Richardson [Flickr]

My parents were in town over the weekend, so lots of wandering around. Some quick bits that come to mind:

Breakfast Spot: Before this weekend I'd ever only been to Angelique Cafe for lunch. After eating breakfast there on Saturday I can see that I've been missing out. I ordered scrambled eggs and they came with some really good potatoes and a mixed greens salad. I will certainly be making a habit of going back for weekend breakfasts.

Fashion District Election: Walking around the Fashion District Saturday morning we saw a substantial line of older Asian people at the Hanmi Bank, waiting to vote (pictured). I'm not quite sure of the election, but I think it was Korean (In the comments Tina notes that it was for the Korean American Federation). It looked like groups were showing up via tour buses.

Water Feature: When the big fountain in the future Grand Ave park is really going there's a lot of water moving around. I'm a fan. If only more people got a chance to see it, instead of having it tucked down under the street.


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