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Curbed Discovers Roosevelt Condo Details; One of Two Remaining Retail Tenants Closes

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, May 17, 2006, at 10:11AM
Roosevelt Building Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Curbed.LA yesterday wrote about the Roosevelt Building going condo to which I sort of say, yes, we've known that for a while. The details they point to -- 223 units, prices starting in the mid-$450k range -- have also been available if you looked up the building on the Downtown Interactive Map. Interior demolition has been ongoing since January. Particularly fun was the big crane they used in March.

More imediately relevant is that Joe's Place, the minimart on the ground floor, has finally succumbed to the construction and closed. Walking into Macy's Plaza a few minutes ago I watched a worker filling the gap in the construction scaffolding that had allowed access to the store. Still open for the moment is Marie's Cafe, though I doubt it'll survive the entire time.


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