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Sidewalk Fun

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, May 17, 2006, at 02:39PM
LAPD In Action Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Walking back to my apartment for lunch just now I was at the corner of 7th and Grand when a guy yelled at me, "You better get away from me whitey before I kill you." Odd, but definitely in the realm of things crazy people on the sidewalk will yell.

I ignore the guy and keep walking, stopping to wait for the light at 7th/Olive. Behind me I can hear the guy yelling obscenities, though not in my direction.

I'm still waiting for the crosswalk signal when I hear sirens and turn around to see three LAPD units make the turn onto 7th from Grand. They come my direction and make a movie-quality coordinated turn into the lanes closest to where I'm standing. Out jump four or five officers and they confront and cuff the guy, who had apparently walked the same direction.

I'm guessing the guy had been threatening people for long enough that someone called the cops. Not sure how it was that it meritted a three-car coordinated response, but I was impressed.


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