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The Posts People Talked On

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, May 17, 2006, at 03:54PM

If I might take a second and be about the site rather than Downtown for a second, I was just talking to someone about comments and thought it might be interesting to put up a post giving you the leaderboard, as it were, in terms of posts with the most comments. I've loved seeing more people start commenting on posts lately; I think you commenters often have more interesting things to say than I do.

Definitely one of the big questions right now is how to keep the things people are talking about visible instead of letting them slip into oblivion when they leave the front page. I don't have a good answer yet, but I want to retool that very soon.

Anyway, the posts (number of comments in brackets):

  1. (76) Giant Village Prepares for Giant Headache
  2. (49) Giant Village to Give Refunds
  3. (45) Spring Street Filming Fun
  4. (33) Students Protest, May or May Not Know Why
  5. (15) Shy Keeps Buying on Spring

Numbers 6 - 10 after the jump...

(There's not an easy way to tell my template code these are 6-10 even though they're a new list, so consider these the second 1-5.)

  1. (14) Qantas Crews Still Not Fans of Downtown
  2. (14) Spiderman Still Making His Downtown Rounds
  3. (14) DLANC: June Executive Committee Meeting
  4. (11) CLA and CAO Say PHF Costs UP UP UP
  5. (11) American Apparel on 5th?


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