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Downtown's Oddest Building

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, May 25, 2006, at 09:13AM
Application Support Center -- Figueroa and Wilshire Eric Richardson [Flickr]

What would you say is Downtown's oddest building? I'll leave odd up to you, but just a building that you see and sort of puzzle at. I'm going to throw out two entries to get the discussion started:

Application Support Center

At the corner of Figueroa and Wilshire. An odd one-story building on at least a mid-rise corner. And all it says is "Application Support Center." Application for what? Shouldn't they be a bit more specific in their signage?

Figueroa is an odd street to me. It's the least pedestrian friendly of the Downtown streets, owing largely to several intersections where you need to push crossing buttons in order to get a Walk sign.

And here it intersects with Wilshire, which to the west is one of the City's most important roads but Downtown it just sort of stumbles to an end amid odd buildings and parking structures that pretend to be buildings.

Thanks to Kimmi for spurring me toward discovering that this oddity opened in February of 1980 as the home of Western Federal Savings and Loan. From a Times write-up on the opening event:

The hospitality was abundant for the grand opening of Western Federal Savings and Loan Assn.'s new home office downtown at 888 Wilshire.

Hugh Evans Jr., chairman and president, and John T. Gausepohl, vice president, were accepting compliments and dispensing Tiffany sterling key rings aand mementos to a prominent group including Norman Barker, Fritz Larkin, the Z. Willard Carrs, Maynard Toll and Henry Duque.

Asian Journal Publications

On Wilshire again, this time at the intersection with Lucas just west of the 110. Lots of odd bumps and indentations, and what looks like a loading door front and center.

This building sits right next door to a fancy but low-rise law office, and then next to that is the infamous 1100 Wilshire.

The side looks odd as well, but unfortunately I didn't snap a photo of that while walking back from Home Depot yesterday. I knew I should have, but I didn't feel like walking back far enough to get the shot.

So those are my two picks for Downtown's oddest building. Can you come up with better?


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