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PE Lofts Wants to Sell Lots of Alcohol

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, May 29, 2006, at 12:37PM

I got a public hearing notice in the mail this weekend. I like getting those, since it means something fun is coming.

This time the subject is the PE Building applying for liquor licenses. And I do mean licenses... Seems their strategy is to apply for everything all at once. Included:

  • 110 E. 6th -- Bar (14 seats) / Lounge (88 seats); 2,475 sq. ft.
  • 126 E. 6th -- Cafe (95 seats); 3,225 sq. ft.
  • 600 S. Main -- Restaurant (186 seats); 5,854 sq. ft.
  • 608 S. Main -- Gourmet Shop; 726 sq. ft.
  • 601 S. Los Angeles -- Cafe (89 seats); 2,531 sq. ft.
  • Rooftop pool/lounge/special events center/rotunda

They're also going for various cafe entertainment licenses, etc (to allow for live entertainment and "incidental patron dancing"). The public hearing is June 22nd at 2pm in City Hall room 1020.


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