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Come Help Flexcar Understand Downtown

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, June 01, 2006, at 02:50PM

A representative from Flexcar is going to be presenting Monday at DLANC's Transportation & Public Works committee. If you're not familiar, Flexcar is a car-sharing service: you pay a yearly fee and then by the hour for time that you have one of the cars. Currently the company has cars Downtown at Union Station, the Bonaventure, Pershing Square, 7th/Flower and 11th/Grand.

I've been a member since last January when I went carless. It's a great concept, and I've actually used the car at 7th/Flower twice this week. Last year I even wrote a research paper on using car-sharing for City fleet vehicles to jump-start community uptake (17-pg PDF).

That said, it's nice to get the chance once again to tell someone from Flexcar how they're missing the boat on Downtown. This should be their perfect market. Adaptive reuse laws made it where parking is hard to come by and expensive. I really feel people would like to give up their cars.

But where is Flexcar in the Historic Core? Why are there not a couple cars at 6th/Main for the PE Building and the Santa Fe? Why are there not a couple cars at 4th/Main for the Old Bank Buildings? These are the perfect clusters for Flexcar, and they haven't made a move on them.

So if you're interested in the car-sharing concept come out Monday evening (6:30pm, Promenade West community room @ 880 W. First St) and help show that the market's there if the company would just reach out to it.


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