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Downtown's 'Infrastructure Nodes' Deemed Feasible

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, June 08, 2006, at 01:53PM
A Whole Lot of Cables Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Back in February Jan Perry proposed developing a mesh of "infrastructural nodes" across Downtown to provide power and water points for filming use. This would decrease pollution and space use by eliminating the need for studios to bring generators Downtown when they come here to shoot.

In a reply dated May 12th but only showing up in the Council files yesterday, DWP responded that the idea is feasible (PDF). They said they already have a system for permitting temporary hookups to the hydrants for potable water needs, and that power boxes could certainly be accomodated.

In response to the suggested power service points mentioned in the report entitled, "The Future of Filming in Downtown Los Angeles", LADWP can provide power supply points located in the general vicinity of the most commonly used film sites. The power supply points will allow direct connection to the City of Los Angeles' (City) electricity and eliminate the need for mobile generators.


One idea that is worth exploring would be to combine power supply points of service with the LA City/Viacom Kiosks (Kiosks) that are currently being considered. The Kiosks would provide an attractive enclosure for the power cabinet. Additionally, Viacom owns Paramount Studios so there is a studio tie-in. The Project Manager for the City Kiosks, Mr. Lance Oishi, has indicated his willngness to explore this option.

As I said back in February, I think this would be a very positive thing for Downtown. Having a generator stuck in the alley beneath your window isn't a fun experience.

I'm not sure about the kiosk tie-in, though. That program has been so unbelievably slow to get any traction that I just don't know that any additional project scope won't cause it to fold in on itself.

If you hadn't heard of the report mentioned, it's from 2003-2004. You can find a PDF here from Monu magazine. I'm not sure if that's the full report or just a summary.


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