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Spring and Main Get Their New Stripes

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, June 10, 2006, at 02:56PM
New Stripes on Spring Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I don't know when they did the painting, but a day or two ago I noticed that Spring Street has a brand new stripe running down the right-hand side from 1st to 9th. That space will soon become the peak hour bus lane that will run down Spring in the direction of traffic. During non-peak hours the lane will continue to be parking.

Main Street also got restriped recently in preparation for the June 18th changeover. It too will have a bus lane running up its right-hand side.

If you want to catch up with previous coverage of the contraflow removal, check out this post, with links to past stories.

MTA's press release gives the breakdown for its service changes. Northbound service for the 83/84/85 lines will move to Hill, with southbound 28 service staying on Spring. The 70/370 will move to Olive (northbound) and Grand (southbound). Lines 90/91 and 94/394 move both directions to Hill. The 38/71 pair will follow the DASH D and existing 92 with southbound service on Spring and northbound on Main.

So what will this do to the number of buses using Main and Spring? If you remember back to the op-ed I wrote for the Downtown News I sat outside my apartment on Spring last year and counted 46 buses heading south in a single half-hour. Roughly, I think this moves 15 - 17 of those buses off Spring per hour (plus, obviously all of the buses heading north) and adds 18 to Main (a dozen of which are DASH).


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