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Spring Street Finally a Real One Way

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, June 19, 2006, at 02:11PM
Parking on Spring Eric Richardson [Flickr]

As of yesterday afternoon the east side of Spring Street now has parking for the first time in thirty years. The yellow lines are gone and the new spots have been striped. No meters yet, but they'll be here by the official project opening date next Sunday.

One thing that I'm still working on is getting the periodic "No Parking 2am - 5am Nightly" signs removed. Sometimes they're up, sometimes they're not, and there are going to be some angry people if tickets are given out based on signage inconsistant to a block. The east side of Spring, though, definitely doesn't have the signs and from just speaking to DOT I was told that regardless of what signs the west side of the street may have if there's nothing on the east side it's fair game.


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