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Go Weigh In on the Park

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, June 21, 2006, at 03:42PM
Grand Ave Park Presentation Eric Richardson [Flickr]

If you haven't made it to today's Grand Avenue Park get together you've still got two hours before the 5:30 meeting. I wandered over midday and found it interesting,if scorchingly hot. Info boards (pictured) provided an overview of other parks around the world, history of Downtown and ideas for the park.

On the far right was a board listing various proposed features. Participants were given ten green dots to place on the ones they found most appealing. I voted for a lawn / open space, a reflecting pool / pond, and pedestrian bridges. I was pleased to note that they did have an item for my ever-stated request for frisbee space, but I figured that could be grouped into the lawn and cast my votes there.

The 5:30 event will be webcast in annoying Windows Media format, and will be archived on the Grand Intervention website.


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