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Odd Little Shortcuts

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, June 23, 2006, at 02:23PM
Ped Path Along the 110 Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Kathy and I went on a ride of the IAAL-MAF last night. Like last week, when I took my first gang ride, this ride was Downtown-centric. Will Campbell led and took us on quite the interesting route.

The ride started in the industrial side of Downtown and led us up into Chinatown before ascending a spiral staircase, crossing a ped bridge. We traveled past Dodger traffic before ascending a zigzag ramp and emerging on a walkway that parallels the southbound lanes of the 110 before ending at San Fernando road.

It's a crazy path, though probably more fun on a bike (where you don't have to endure freeway noise as long) than on foot.

That brings me to a broader question, though: What are the odd little foot-friendly shortcuts through Downtown that you like to use?


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