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SEIU At It Again

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, June 30, 2006, at 01:18PM
SEIU Protest Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Whenever something interesting is going on down on 7th street we can hear it up in the office. Today we heard a commotion and looked down to see people holding up signs and blocking the intersection of 7th & Flower.

At this height you couldn't quite make out what they were saying or what the signs read, but given that back in April SEIU was here agitating for security guard unionization, I took a guess it was them. A ride down the elevator confirmed that guess. I take it the deal with Maguire wasn't all they needed.

Unrelated, but while I was standing on the Flower street sidewalk taking pictures of the guy in a watermelon suit across the street USC fullback Brandon Hancock jogged by me. They don't call him "The Hulk" for nothing.

Update (a few minutes later): Here's the press release about the march, which seems to me to have been issued before the march was even over.


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