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Burger King Gone for Good?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, July 07, 2006, at 03:02PM
Burger King: Remodeling or Closed? Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Wednesday evening I noticed that paper had been placed over the windows in the Burger King on the corner of 7th/Flower and the store was closed suspiciously early. Using my camera to peer over the paper I could see that inside the menus had been taken down. Was this a remodel, or was the fast food joint gone for good?

Well today the exterior signage is down as well, so I'm tending to lean toward the latter. I eat (or ate) there semi-regularly (at least every couple weeks), so I'm a little bit disappointed by that.

The rumor I heard a while back was that the McDonalds across the street in the Fine Arts building was losing their lease as well, so soon that part of 7th street could be oddly devoid of big-time fast food. For a really heavy lunch spot, that's an odd turn of events.


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