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Giant to Return; People Still Waiting for Refunds

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, July 12, 2006, at 09:09AM

This week's Downtown News has a piece in it titled "Return of the Giant". It's about Giant Village returning to Downtown July 22nd with five stages on four blocks of Wilshire.

The article also mentions that there are still some people who are angry about Giant's last attempted venture, the New Years Eve concert that got cancelled on December 31st. If you read through the comments on that old post and a follow-up from the 3rd you'll find that the process of refunding people's money was anything but smooth. There are still people who followed all the instructions and have yet to receive their $80 back per ticket. More on that if you click "Read More".

The question, though, is what is there to do about all this? Downtown was reflected very poorly in Giant's actions at New Years, and now here they are back again to host their big party on our City streets. I understand that the City probably has to be fair in the way it issues the permits, but somehow this just doesn't feel quite right.

Update (10am): Scratch that stuff about the article not being online. Got it now.

Just a few days ago Andre commented that

Its been 7 months and still no refund I too got the above email a few months ago and still no refund.

NOW THEY ARE AT IT AGAIN. It's an absolute joke that GIANT is hosting another d-town event after the New Year's fiasco. I along with hundreds of other NYE tix holders have yet to receive a refund for Giant NYE. Although we've been contacted in the past months (twice to be exact) we have yet to receive a penny back.

The article actually quotes my roommate, whose situation is similar:

Daniel Lawrence, a Downtown resident who went to the Dec. 31 event only to find the gates closed, said he has still not received his refund, even after contacting the company seven times.

"They kept giving me a bunch of excuses," Lawrence said. "Then they sent an email a month-and-a-half ago saying they were still working on my refund but they would give me a free pass to this show on top of the refund."

It's a bittersweet solution for Lawrence, who said he will be out of town on the 22nd.

And it's only a solution at all if Giant actually acts on their word this time and does finally issue the refunds.


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