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2006 Parking Study Out; LA Up, but Slightly

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, July 18, 2006, at 12:10PM
Old May Company Garage Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Last year I linked to Colliers' 2005 North American Parking Rates study, which had LA's rates fairly middle-of-the-road, behind such thriving locales as Pittsburgh and Hartford. This year's numbers are now out, according to a press release on PR Newswire and LA's unreserved monthly median rate went up from $185 to $190. The daily rate went from $22.80 to $24.00. As I said last year, though, these rates are only for garages which biases them toward spots in the high rises.

Judging only by anecdotal evidence, I don't think rates at the garages around me have gone up in the last year. I'd be interested to know if others have evidence that the garages residents use are actually on the up, though.

The old May Co. garage (pictured) surely doesn't fit these rates, but I liked the photo.


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