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By David Kennedy
Published: Saturday, July 29, 2006, at 06:36PM

Super Estrella (107.1) is hosting Reventon today at the Coliseum. My wife and some friends wanted to go. The only performer who I'd really want to see is Gloria Trevi. (Ricky Martin and Rebelde don't do it for me.) But, the Colesium is not the place to see Gloria.

Somehow, I got roped into picking up the will call tickets at the box office. Of course, the line is enormous and the heat terrible. But, the kicker was getting my car towed! Seems, in my haste, I neglected to read the temporary no parking notice. So begins the odyessy to recover my towed car.

First, I dial the number on the sign. This takes me to a taped message informing me to call the city's service line, 311. When I dial 311, I am greeted by the energetic voice of our mayor. Given my frame of mind, I'm not sure this is the best time for me to hear him. I presume his handlers think it is a savvy move.

I'm put on hold and eventually connected to an operator. After asking me where the car was towed from, he give me another number to call. This time when I dial it, I get ahold of the people who towed my car. It turns out, it was not too far away; about 20 blocks.

I end up walking up Main Street from 39th to 23rd. It is a pretty gritty area of light industrial businesses. Lots of garment manufacturing and supporting supplier businesses (e.g. sewing machines, display racks, etc.); some printing businesses; John Adams Middle School, a sidewalk car wash, a half-naked strung-out junkie in his filth, and the requisite Mexican restaurants. I discovered the nightclub Coco Bongo (sic?) between 34th and 33rd. Looked pretty classy. Have to check it out with my wife one night. The smartest looking building is the Los Angeles Conservation Corps (?). It is clad in cool minimalist concrete grey and trimmed in a muted green. It looks like it was a fire station originally.

When I finally arrive at the impound facility, everyone is incredibly polite and very low-key. No one looks you in the face. While I sign off the various paperwork to get my car back, a couple of other towing victims show up. One is a construction worker. The other is a USC professor. Seems like the Coliseum dragnet was quite the success.

Cost to retrieve my car: $177! Alas, the final indignity is finding a parking ticket for $65 on my windsheild. It feels like double jeopardy, but I'm just glad to get my car back.


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