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DT News Hammers Pershing Square Issue

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, August 06, 2006, at 03:26PM

This will be short, since I'm on my honeymoon and have a [broken keyboard], but I just got a chance to read the article on Pershing Square that ran in last week's Downtown News and the followup editorial that runs this week. I think Kathleen really nailed the heart of the issue: this is public space, it needs to be treated in a public way. The editorial recognizes the same thing:

Additionally, we're troubled by the communication shortfall. It's a stretch, but we'll accept the good intentions behind not informing the public about a reopening date (though we doubt heroin users would be eagerly counting the days until they could return to Pershing Square). But the lack of conversation with the interested, active neighbors who reached out is wrong. We expect that regular users of the park would have done whatever they could to help if they knew the situation. This could have been a partnership between the residents, Rec and Parks and the police.

Good work, Downtown News.

Much more coverage of the tape issue can be found in this original Tape Watch post.


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