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Hot Spot Inside; Dead Outside

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, August 16, 2006, at 07:38PM

It's interesting that I read this Calendar Live piece on Club 740 right after walking home via 8th street. The piece rightly talks about the fascinating work that's been done inside, turning the former Globe Theatre into a happening nightclub.

But what you notice walking by isn't that. Instead you see a Broadway exterior that looks lifeless. Several letters are missing on the "GLOBE" marquee. The club's only entrance is in the back, off of an alley and some parking lots. Like the nearby Stock Exchange, the club ignores the street. It may well be fantastic inside, but with the face it gives to the street I can't say that it's really a nice project yet.

"I'm really into historical stuff, I love architecture, and the second they opened the door I saw the structure and beauty of [the building]," says Ralph Verdugo, the club's chief executive who bought the building about 20 months ago and opened 740 six months later.

I would hope that if Ralph is really interested in history the rest of the building would soon get the attention that the club's interior has received.


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