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DLANC Candidates Set: Come Vote, But Not for Me

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, August 18, 2006, at 02:26PM

Wednesday marked the last day for candidates to file their paperwork and run in DLANC's upcoming election (September 12th). The official list of verified candidates is now set and public. Monday, August 21st, marks the last day to turn in absentee voter requests so if you would enjoy voting from your home or office rather than making it to Macy's Plaza you best get that in. The form can be found on the DLANC website as a PDF. I'd encourage anyone who is a stakeholder in Downtown to make plans to turn out and vote.

But don't come out to vote for me. Yes, I am running (for the Area-Wide Resident Artist seat) but I'm unopposed and write-in candidates aren't allowed. So don't waste a vote on me -- go place your mark on one of the disputed contests instead. 15 of DLANC's 27 seats have a single candidate. That includes all eight of the business seats. But that means twelve seats are up for grabs. Here are the races you should be paying attention to. I'll list the unopposed seats after the jump.

I'll be glad to post statements from any candidates who send them to me. Heck, I guess that way I can find out who reads the site.

Names that are links point to candidate statements that have been sent to me and have run on the site.

Resident - Area-Wide (1)
Genevieve Liang
J. Russell Brown
Resident - Area-Wide Homeless (1)
Joseph M. Thomas
Harold Lauderdale
Resident - Historic Downtown (1)
Theodor Reinke
Ginny-Marie Case
Resident - Bunker Hill (1)
Michael Gagan
David Robinson
Resident - South Park (1)
Jennifer E. Chapman
Scott Bytof
Arts, Culture, Education (3)
Geoffrey Rivas
Brady Westwater
Peter Grunz
Shane Guffogg
Social Service Provider (3)
Samuel Miguel Sanchez
Larry Adamson
Shannon Buhrmaster
Don Halfenberg
Public Sector Employee (1)
Javier G. Cardenas
Susan Tae
Julie Butcher
Benjamin Pezzillo

The unopposed seats:

Resident - Area Wide Artist (1)
Eric Richardson
Resident - Alameda East (1)
Eric Woolery
Resident - Central City East (1)
Robert Donnell Lockhart
Resident - City West (1)
Raby Savage
Resident - Civic Center (1)
Stanley B. Michaels
Resident - Fashion District (1)
Tara Jones
Business - Area-Wide (1)
Hal Bastian
Business - Alameda East (1)
Matthew Klekner
Business - Central City East/Toy District (1)
James Doizaki
Business - City West (1)
Argishd Galustian
Business - Downtown Center (1)
Gary K Warfel
Business - Fashion District (1)
Lynn Myers
Business - Historic Downtown (1)
Michael Delijani
Business - South Park (1)
Wendy Bruget
Private Sector Employee (1)
Shiraz D. Tangri


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