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Any Higher and You'd Need a Blimp

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, August 26, 2006, at 04:08PM
This Time With Camera... Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I have no clue what they're filming on 7th street right now. Literally no clue, as I don't think the objects to be filmed are even here yet.

What is here, though, is a cable-mounted camera whose rigging runs from the MCI Center to the Collection building, a block and a half east of here. That means that the top of the rig is 31-stories up in the air over 7th.

I was just sitting here in my 19th floor office getting a bit of Saturday work done when I saw the pictured rig floating outside. Oddly reminiscent of sitting in my apartment and seeing the Spiderman 3 rig right outside my window.

Update (5:30pm): Turns out the first shot I used was just the rig for the camera. I've updated with a shot containing the real equipment.


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