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A Bus Explosion of the Good Kind

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, August 29, 2006, at 08:09AM
20060520 165 [Flickr]

Given that the past few week's headlines have had two buses colliding and a pair of blue line hits, I was a little bit worried when I woke up this morning and had an email titled "Bus Explosion" waiting for me. This one was a lot more fun, though. Zach writes:

I came home earlier tonight to a posting on my gate alerting me to a pending bus explosion for Fox's 24. After dinner ($17 lobster at McCormick & Schmidt's), it looked like there was still a lot of activity at 1st and Grand. I got my camera and walked back to the intersection. After 45 minutes of milling about, they blasted the heck out of an orange MTA loaded with dummies. While I was ousted from several prime locations by security (something about flaming debree) I did end up with a fair vantage point.

The worst shots of the whole night were of Mr. Bauer. Damn my shakey hands.

You can view Zach's set of photos from the shoot over on flickr.

Update (10am): Also, eecue posted some shots from the Transformers shoot over at That film was shooting at 8th/Broadway on Sunday.


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