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DLANC Candidates: Shannon Buhrmaster

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, August 29, 2006, at 04:22PM

In my post on the DLANC candidates I offered to run statements from any candidates who sent them to me. This one is from Shannon Buhrmaster, a candidate for the Social Service Provider seat.

My focus is on illuminating the issues of homelessness and related issues. It is my belief that with a broad coalition of residents, social service providers, the business and elected community, that we can craft reasonable, measurable and sustainable solution to this embarrassing problem.

I believe that the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood council should be engaged in the dialogue surrounding the issue. I have the experience, network and balance perspective to represent my constituency well on the council, as well as represent to my constituency the sentiment of greater downtown Los Angeles. We have many obstacles and opportunities ahead for us. I believe together we can overcome and create the New Downtown we all envision.

Click the "Read More" link to see more about Shannon.

Shannon Buhrmaster

The Midnight Mission
Public Affairs Officer

I have worked Downtown for the last 4 years; most of that time with a Public Affairs firm. Currently, I am the Public Affairs Officer for The Midnight Mission. I am responsible for volunteer services, and community outreach.

I am also a member of the Los Angeles Young Democrats and Los Angeles Providers Collaborative.

In addition to my attendance of a variety of civic events, I also volunteer with Southwest Voter.


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